Our vision is to help needy kids & teenagers to give them access to sustainable education, resources and give them the chance to embrace their fill potential

– The Problem –

Millions of children cannot attend school because of poverty, discrimination, quality of education or because they are too hungry to study. These children leave school before they have acquired the basic skills and knowledge they need to live successfully in society. In schools in Indonesia there is often a lack of the most basic equipment and materials to enable the children to have a carefree education
Ailing schools in Indonesia that are in need of renovation are unfortunately not uncommon. Due to the harsh rainy season, the buildings usually cannot withstand the heavy rains, as there is not enough money to build the school buildings in a stable and safe manner from the start.
Teachers in Indonesia are extremely underpaid, so that they pursue other activities in order to secure a livelihood and have to neglect lessons. The lack of teachers has an extreme effect on the level of knowledge of the students, so that missed learning content can rarely be made up for.
Due to poverty, the children in Indonesia have to support their parents with fieldwork from an early age so that there is enough food for the family. School lessons are very often skipped or not attended at all in order to prepare warm meals for family members or provide expensive medical supplies.

-The Projekt –

Indonesia is a place that evokes the feeling of vacation and relaxation in most of the people. Wonderful natural spectacles, breathtaking landscapes and fresh food, which can have a positive effect not only on physical health, but also on mental well-being. All of this can be found on the small islands like Bali or Lombok in Southeast Asia. For these reasons, Bali has been home to Anika and Tayler for several years now. However, the relationship to a country changes significantly if you move the center of life to this place. Also the insight into many everyday things, such as the school system in Bali, which is not comparable with the European standards or even those from Germany, where Anika & Tayler got educated on.
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Donate an Education for Children
Anika & Tayler are both creators and the vision of the them is to provide young people in need with sustainable education, resources and opportunities so that youth in the region can reach their full potential.
Many of the schools in Indonesia, however, do not provide a place to create an optimal learning environment that is creative, appropriate and corresponds to the national school standard. Education should be a process that enables learning, the imparting of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits. Thats reason enough for them to start their own school. One of the Schools that Anika and Tayler got to know during their time in Indonesia is in Tampah Hills, Bali’s neighboring island of Lombok.

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The poverty in Lombok forced many students to stay away from school. Even since the outbreak of the corona virus (Covid-19), students in rural areas like Tampah have only had very limited access to education. 22 of the young children who once attended school in Tampah Hill were even forced to drop out of school as an affect of loss of their parents. They became orphans and cant afford going to school.
The Tampah Hills school can accommodate approximately 405 students. The students are currently studying in 7 classrooms for elementary school students and 3 classrooms for junior high school children. However, 6 of these classrooms can hardly be used any more and urgently need to be renovated. Due to the danger of collapse, the roof of the school poses a threat to students and teachers and must also be replaced as soon as possible. But even things that are taken for granted and small things such as tables and chairs are broken and worn out. Because of this, new furniture and equipment such as LCD projectors, new workbooks, bookshelves, pens & other learn material for each class would help keep students focused on attending school.
In addition to the materials that every child needs to study, the young students often lack a warm meal and drinking water during class. This is crucial in order to give the children the necessary concentration. Due to the extreme poverty of the families, the parents of the children can rarely give money for lunch at school.
With your donations you will be actually able to play a huge and important role together with us and many other creators, to out together a place in Lombok that is not only built sustainably, but also gives the children access to free education and food, so that they can can concentrate fully on their school education and do not have to take on other side jobs in order to support their families.
Each of your donations goes exactly where it is needed and ensures a bright future for the children of Tampah.

This is the impact you will have:

Will secure a kids school fee’s for one month.
Will finance 250 L of fresh drinking water.
Will provide 15 students with school uniforms & their books.
Will secure food for one student for an entire year of school.
Will secure 1 month salary for a local teacher.
Every single penny donated has a huge impact for our very first project. With your help you are not only helping this project come to life but actually help the local kids to thrive on their education for their entire life. All sustainable & future orientated!
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But… Why?

The CreatorsCareFoundation was founded by Anika Schweigert & Tayler Schweigert after traveling the world and witnessing the lack of education in some developing countries.
They truly believe in sustainable education and want to help the impoverished youth to have access to better and more impactful education. Education is the key to a better future. For us, for them and our Mother Nature.
With the power of social media & creative networks the CreatorsCareFoundation wants to collect the necessary funds to finance schools all around the world. Our kids are the future of tomorrow. Our kids are those who can lay the foundation for decades – we invite you to be part of this journey and have a long lasting impact.
Lets plant the seeds of a better tomorrow!

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